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  • Episode 42-Jess Waters
    "The Divinity Streak"

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  • Episode 42-Jess Waters

    "The Divinity Streak"

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  • Stephany Lowe



    Stephany Lowe is a mother, science enthusiast, writer, podcast producer and host. ​She is on a mission to make science a daily conversation. Known for making the process of understanding complex science relatable and entertaining; as the host of The Dope Science Show Podcast, she regularly interviews guests about their passions and science. She has an engaging and casual long-form interview style that brings out the personalities of her guests. She has interviewed, artists, students, writers, rappers, filmmakers, doctors and various scientists.


    She has a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside. One day she decided to step out of her comfort zone and she joined a prestigious apprenticeship program at her local community college, Mira Costa Community College, where she studied nuclear plant operations. Though she did not end up working at her local nuclear power plant (it closed down) she discovered that she loved science in the process. She is working towards her goal of one day producing short films and TV shows with a focus on science.

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