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    December 20, 2018
    Episode 40- Meechie, Molly and Octopuses Show Notes In this episode, Stephany and stand up comedian Meechie chat it up about the sex habits of octopuses and what happens when you give them MDMA. Stephany shares a personal story about the time she did Molly and why she is scared to do it...
  • Episode 40-

    Meechie Hall-

    Molly and Octopuses

    In this episode, Stephany and stand up comedian Meechie chat it up about the sex habits of octopuses and what happens when you give them MDMA. Stephany shares a personal story about the time she did Molly and why she is scared to do it again. The show ends with a run down of science terms covered in the show. Check out blog and show notes here: https://www.thedopescienceshow.com/blog/the-dope-science-show-blog

    Follow Meechie Hall on Instagram @jokehustler

    Episode 39-

    Natalie Rodriguez-

    The Extraordinary Ordinary

    Steph and Natalie discuss growing up in the Inland Empire, a vast southern California area outside of Los Angeles. They both share how living with anxiety helped them find their creative passions. Natalie also shares her story of how she dug deep and put in the real work with her team to direct and produce her first feature film, The Extraordinary Ordinary.

    Episode 38-

    Eric Randolph-

    Transplanted Memories/ No Code Switching

    I chat with Eric Randolph about transplanting memories and why he does not code switch.

    Magna Cum Laude Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology :University of West Florida. Former ecotoxicological researcher for the Environmental Protection Agency studying the effects of chemicals of emerging concern within the Great Lakes region. Ph.D. candidacy at the University of Miami : study neural aging and memory in Aplysia californica, the Californian Sea Hare. 6 time published co-author on scientific literature and have presented novel research at multiple international conferences. High school dropout and a 2 time convicted felon who still lacks the civil right to vote or serve on a jury. He has worked with internationally respected scientists and yet can not join his children's school's PTA board or volunteer in their classrooms. He is a strong believer that ones past does not and should not determine their future path.

    Instagram: Fayban_Apparel
    Show Resources: buff.ly/2D3YL

    Episode 37-

    Rebecca Coffey- Science and Lust

    I chat with science writer Rebecca Coffey about her new book, Science and Lust. You can buy book here: www.scienceandlust.com 


    Headlines suggest humans have become a mindlessly lust-driven race. Hmmmm. Have we always been that way? And, if so, can intelligence and culture ever save us?

    To answer such questions, SCIENCE AND LUST, a new, “entertaining and envelope-pushing popular science”* book, takes the lens of evolutionary psychology to the #MeToo movement and a host of other current mating-and-madness issues. In twelve fun and fact-packed essays by science journalist and humorist Rebecca Coffey (Scientific American, Discover, and Psychology Today magazines as well as Vermont Public Radio). The most current essay, “The Human Ape” examines why even “good guys” sometimes act like apes.

    -Music- Jason Mraz, "I'm Yours"

    Episode 36- Prof. Ramesh-

    1000 Stem Women Project

    I had the pleasure to speak with Prof.
    Ramesh Laungani! He is an Associate Professor of Biology at Doane University in Crete, Nebraska. His scientific research focuses on the impacts of both climate change and climate change mitigation strategies in grasslands. Specifically, he and his students examine how adding a substance called biochar to grassland soil can combat climate change by storing carbon for the long-term and how these biochar additions impact the structure and functioning of grassland plant communities.


    Additionally, he spearheaded a science communication project called the 1000 STEM Women Project (flipgrid.com/7bad90), which curates a library of 90-second scientist introduction videos for use in K-12 classrooms. The overall goal of the project is to diversify the view that students have of scientists and STEM careers.

    It was a fun episode!

    Follow Prof. Ramesh on twitter @DrRambio

    Music- Run The Jewels- "Legend Has It"

    Episode 35-

    That Keven Guy- Southside Chicago vs. Cancer

    I was so happy to have the opportunity to sit down with Keven Stonewall. I saw a story about how his research is leading the way for a cure for colon cancer. I was struck by his story; a kid from Southside Chicago makes a breakthrough in cancer research. I really wanted to learn more. So here we are:)

    Follow Keven Stonewall- IG and Twitter @thatkevenguy

    Episode 34- Yewande-

    Afrobeats and Mini Brains

    Hi you guys! We had the wonderful opportunity to chat with neuroscientist Yewande @nice_forthememoirs . We talk about her love for house music and most recently Afrobeats. What motivated her to get a PHD in Neuroscience and her research with mini brains/organoids to test medical treatments models.



    Transplanting mini brains into mice to see how organoids develop inside a living organism. Will it affect the mice's behavior? --She teaches me about cell development. Different cell types: Stem cells versus embryotic cell versus Pluripotent stem cells- (an immature or stem cell) capable of giving rise to several different cell types. --What is the difference between RNA and DNA? -- What is an organoid?



    Bonus Episode- 4

    What's Up with Jazmin Steele?


    Bonus episode! I finally have the chance to catch up with my friend Jazmin. She was a guest on episode 25. Jazmin Steele is an entrepreneur, published author, mother and advocate for self-care.

    1. The process and aftermath of publishing her first novel "Love Incorruptible".
    2. Tips for co-parenting
    3. Tips for Self-Care
    4. Our thoughts on spirituality and religion

    Music: "W.A.Y.S." by Jhene Aiko

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